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Jo wrote
I have been trying to work with what John told me and what Duane told me regarding planes.
John DID not explain why he would have had the Boeing designs in his home and I did NOT ask why. He had stated he was a consultant for Boeing for 6 yrs.


All those alleged 727 design documents would not have answered the basic questions about whether the plane was jumpable. The answer isn't found in system diagrams or schematics.


I AM not an Idiot - I know that!
You forget about the yrs of Duane's life that ARE not documented - 1962 to 1966 and that he claimed to have known Richard Petersen (not they one you guys talk about) and the Operations that "Paperlegs" was involved in.

I have explained before that I know Duane contacted Paperlegs in 1979 or early 1980 - I just know it was just before a great white out in the WY area.

You seem to forget about Intermountain! What Duane's involvement was beside KNOWING the guy - I have not got the answers for...but the relationship was MORE than a casual one.

She said she had a picture of his wife and herself and another woman made near one of the places the guys worked....she stated she hated that place because it was so far from anything.

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