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Oct 18, 2012, 8:36 PM

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Jo wrote
Had to delete the rest of the post I made as - it is about things and circumstances I am NOT supposed to talk about in this thread or in any written format.

Klaxon horn sounding. Loudspeaker blares: "Tease Alert Tease Alert. This is not a drill".

It must be tough being 007 Jo. So many secrets to protect. Never reveal the whole story. It would be akin to treason.


Hey, YOU are an ATTORNEY! I am supposed to blurt out names and phone numbers of individuals and NOT expect consequences. I just do NOT do that. A few times I have slipped up and mentioned a name, but NOT in a really bad way.

The individual who holds the records I am seeking lives in your area - WANT TO HELP pro gratis? I am sure my friend out there would turn over to you the individuals name and what this individual possesses that I need and the FBI may need to bring an end to this.

I have been at the MERCY of this individual for several yrs. One who is in possession of certain records. Record I need to see - for myself and the fact that I may be the only living person who just might be able to see the needle in the hay stack.

This is NOT a TEASE - this is VERY REAL....old old records being held hostage! Privacy issue or is it for MONEY I am unable to put on the table?

Well, the only way the records have any value is IF I can find the information I need .
Addresses and names and notations....they could be dead ends, but the records could hold the clues that will make the FBI look back at Weber.

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