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Oct 17, 2012, 11:12 PM

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Jo wrote
Had to delete the rest of the post I made as - it is about things and circumstances I am NOT supposed to talk about in this thread or in any written format.

Klaxon horn sounding. Loudspeaker blares: "Tease Alert Tease Alert. This is not a drill".

It must be tough being 007 Jo. So many secrets to protect. Never reveal the whole story. It would be akin to treason.


Jo, if you want to spin another story about Duane then please expand on this one.

A few days ago, you went to great lengths in a post to state that everyone, except maybe one former wife, really liked Duane and held him in high regard.

Okay. If the above is true, then why didn't Duane really like all these people in return.

Duane obviously felt that someone really didn't like him since he was still carrying a concealed pistol almost up to the day he died. And he felt it necessary to pack some heat.


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