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Oct 15, 2012, 2:55 PM

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Re: [skydived19006] Gary Peek and Joe Jackson, RD for Central Region....

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That's likely unfair at this point, this thread has only been up for one day.

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Yeah...A bit unfair at this point, especially considering the relationship you have with the other candidate in the region.


Hey Jim,
My friendship with Jen Sharp has nothing to do with the lack of response to date from Gary or Joe.

I have nothing bad to say about Gary Peek at all. I think that he's served the region well. Gary has always been very responsive, and will often give me a call in response to something I post here. If Gary Peek is reelected, we'll be well served.

I did get a chance to talk to Joe. He was making the rounds of the region's DZs, and stopped in for a bit one afternoon. Through the course of our conversation, I asked him what his platform/agenda was. His response was "I'm for the skydiver." I pressed a bit for more, but "I"m for the skydiver." was all he had.

Jen did take the initiative to step up and post her platform/agenda knowing very well that there were two or three people who would respond with "hard hitting questions." I'd like to see the other two candidates have the same chance.

I get that... 'Watchyourstep' (who is Jens DZ manager IIRC) asking for a statement is one thing, but inferring that a lack of immediate response with 'crickets' seems a bit intentionally sarcastic in a negative way. . .which you even kinda admit.

It's not my conference so I don't have a dog in the fight, I just think ALL the candidates should be left to address the issues if & how they see fit, & not put in a bad light as if they were intentionally ignoring something.

I doubt either of them has even seen this thread to date...who knows, maybe Peek has been too busy handling actual CCD duties to respond.

OTOH, the 'I'm for the skydiver' line IS pretty weak, your commenting to that effect from your 1st hand conversation is's factual from my point of view because I trust what you say.

IMO what's not helpful is the type of political campaign strategy that condones the 'so & so didn't say this, so he means that' type of thing.

No you didn't do that directly, but kinda headed to that slippery slope...I say we vote on candidates for what they say not what they don't... Wink

Personally...I dunno if 'I' would be in a big hurry to answer a thread started by an opposing candidate's DZ manager, bumped with semi-sarcastic clickies from one of her friends & associates.

But hey that's just me...again, not my region so far be for ME to question stuff like 'USPA central conference' FB pages started by a candidate and not by a current seat holder. What do I know?! Blush

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