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Oct 15, 2012, 2:31 PM

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Re: [degeneration] Going from a Pilot to a Stiletto. Same size or upsize?

I went from a Pilot to a Stiletto earlier this year. To be blunt, I consider it a step backwards in many ways. But I did it for the same reason as you - it was dirt cheap, for basically a brand new canopy - and hell, a Stiletto's a right of passage right?

I feel it's going to help familiarise me with another canopy style. I do not view it as a step towards modern swooping - it has a very short recovery arc by comparison to what is viewed as "good" for swooping these days.

Whilst it had only 25 jumps, the canopy I bought was built more than 10 years ago. In many ways, that's where it belongs IMO. It's a bit of fun for me and will help me develop in many ways but it's not, technologically speaking, a step forward from a Pilot.

Given the price you're probably looking it - IMO - go for it for a year, esp if on a budget. Like I said, it's a right of passage, right? Hell, put a hundred jumps on it and you'll probably be able to sell it on for very little loss. In the meantime, save for something which is more of a step forward from both a technological standpoint as well as the perceived role/risk of the canopy.

edit - I meant to say - ask about at the DZ. There has to be dozens of Stiletto's at any given DZ. You must be able to find one to play with for a day to see how it'll fly - hell, the owner probably would jump at playing with a similar sized Pilot for the day!

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