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Oct 15, 2012, 1:19 PM

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Re: [Farflung] Tweet: Ask Mr. Science!

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Couldn’t agree more smokin99; having some caffeine and taurine (read: speed) laced soft drink, pimp slap NASA is astonishing. Being able to watch an aerospace record being broken, live, in my boxer shorts, only adds to the irony of how far the pendulum must swing in the other direction. Like twitter, Lisa Nowak and the DBC thread.

Gotta love Red Bull. Space X too. Private bucks, huge risks, huge accomplishments.

Felix is da man. I hope this widely viewed event will drive newbies to the DZs, just like the movie Point Break did.

Jumped on Saturday. There was a friggin McLaren!!! parked in the DZ lot. You just don't see those kinds of rides at DZs. I think they cost over $300,000. Rumor was that some Facebook guy was there for a tandem.

I hope someone gets to interview Sheridan Peterson soon. He probably won't be alive much longer due to his age and progressing cancer. I have no proof that he is DBC and if he were he'd be unlikely to confess it. I'd just like to hear what he has to say about Norjack and jumping in 1971. Who knew back then that a 727 could be jumped? I still think Cooper knew that it could. The pilots and flight engineer didn't know, neither did NWA ops. They had to contact Boeing. The 727 mfr confirmed that safe flight with the stairs deployed was possible, having been proven in earlier flight tests.


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