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Oct 15, 2012, 12:59 PM

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Re: [RobertMBlevins] Weber Review

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None of that is proof Christiansen hijacked Flight 305, of course. But it IS evidence. And there is a lot more of that in KC's case than anything you'll find regarding Weber

Evidence? YOU BLEVINS have produced NO EVIDENCE regarding KC. NONE! IOTA!

I DO have proof the FBI of record "fibbed" to me.

I DO have a family member of WEBER's who was connected to Boeings.

I Do have a confession - but, then that is only my word, JUST as what you have is ONLY the WORD of your interviewed subjects. To call them WITNESSES or their statements TESTIMONIES is really really stretching it - YOU THINK!

KC had other friends you NEVER interviewed and YOU and YOU alone used those individuals (your witnesses) and manuevered them with the power of suggestion.

In 1997 I was talking to Duane's other widow. A woman who supposedly lived with him and was his wife from 1966 to 1972!
She died in 2004. The RECORDS validate this claim.

Your "witnesses" did NOT have an intimate relationship with KC. They did NOT live with him or were they privey to his private life.

Duane Weber had a past the FBI did not unveil and they know this.
What would you do or say if we are able to DOCUMENT Duane's familiarity of chutes and the NW by picture and/or film?

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Your HORSE never made it out of the "chute". Shall we place bets on who ends up in the Winner's Circle? Well, the stretch is coming up and the finishing line is in site for some---, but not KC.

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