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Oct 15, 2012, 4:19 AM

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Going from a Pilot to a Stiletto. Same size or upsize?

Pretty much all my jumps have been on Pilots - 150, then 132, then 124 and now 117.

At some point I think I'd like to try another type of canopy, something more elliptical to see what they are like. This is maybe to have something as a 2nd canopy (can't afford a complete 2nd rig). Got no plans to get rid of my Pilot, planning on keeping that for quite a while yet.

Due to the general good comments people make about them, and the fact I can get 2nd (or more) hand ones quite cheap, I'm likely to look for a Stiletto.

Question is, what size? For changing from slightly elliptical to fully elliptical would a 120 be ok as that is basically the same size as the Pilot I jump, or would it be wiser to upsize to a 135 for the change over. My container will take either.

My gut feeling is saying the 135, as that would be the more cautious approach for going to my first fully elliptical canopy. But would my Stiletto experience be less on the 135, or will it still give me a very good idea of what the canopy is like? My concern is my WL on a 135 may be less than where the canopy performs better.

I'd load a 135 at about 1.35 and the 120 at about 1.5.

I'm in no rush to get one, so it is nothing immediate that I need, so just looking for advice.

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