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Finger Prints

I cannot remember the name of the program and right now I don't care. I have files about how that system was set up and the dates and the facts - it took yrs to get all the states up-to-date.

Not all old records were added. I will say for certain that in 1971 - most OLD records were NOT with in the system.

The FBI was more interested in getting the violent crimes and recent records into the system - they NEVER did imput some prison records into the system
Some were just too old and had to be manually put into the system because the original file was just that a paper file. If I remember correctly if a record was 30 yrs old it was ignored till a later date and some not at all.
No urgency to place records in the system of deceased - that was counter productive for the purpose the system was developed for.

In 1995 when Duane died
His last conviction was 1966 and that was 29 yrs. The destruction of files as I remember it are if they are over 35 yrs...the paperwork can be destroyed in lieu of a brief note in the Central System.

The FBI REFUSED to allow me access to the Jefferson file until the actual files had been destroyed at 35 yrs. THEN Carr says you can get it on the computer - BULL CRAP. For 6 yrs I begged to see that file - but I was NOT the widow of John Collins....they knew exactly what I was after. I begged for that file! WE spent a lot of money trying to get that file BEFORE destruction.

The Canon FILE we managed to get just on destruction cusp. It was acquired before the dead line in 1998/99...they had NOT destroyed the file - hence the sign-in and out, plus the extra pictures.

The SanQentin/Folsom - file was just a summary - as the back file had already been destroyed. Therefore it was puzzle figuring out the codes left on one page.

The McNeil - A woman actually went into the archives to see if the detail files still existed. What she found actually made the System look terrible. They had NEVER verified Weber's birthdate and had his birthdate incorrect by several yrs. The details had been destroyed...but the errors the FBI ignored in their investigation of WEBER screamed that the FAMILY had told me the truth and the FBI did NOT even catch the error of birthdates.

The FBI DID NOT look at the system that existed in McNeil during that time at the end of the war. I gave you guys a BRIEF history lesson regarding McNeil a few pages back.

Since you guys seem to want to waste time repeating things already discussed and investigated to death - go ahead. Someone within this forum verified that the SYSTEM was NOT all in place in 1971 or 1978. It was into the 80's and still there were flaws and records never entered....and some never would be.

I would later receive details involved in the SYSTEM - The Government WANTED to make people think it was further along than it really was - (supposedly a crime deterent for repeat offenders). I guess this worked for Weber - when he skyjacked a plane and as a repeat offender was arrested in 1976 - an offense with his priors that should have put him away for a long time (IF THE SYSTEM HAD WORKED and/or implemented at 100%)!

Some of you seem to ignore this - Cooper was Print phobic.
Now was this ACTUALLY STATED by a WITNESS or was this just GRAY making a good STORY?Just a story or was this a REAL fact never disclosed to the public?

I won't argue the point anymore - because I have been there and done that. I suggest that you guys talk to some of the OLDsters (if you can find any of the from the 60's who developed the program and those later who were responsible for inputing the data). SUGGESTION: Find a 1978 input data person who actually worked these files.

The one I found retired in the late 1980's and I was told that some files would never be put into the system. CLASSIFIED and/ or too old or subject DECEASED.

THE GOVERNMENT WANTED THE CRIMINALS TO THINK - it was solid and that everything was there - that was propaganda to deter repeat offenders. It worked in some cases.

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