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Oct 14, 2012, 11:03 AM

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what you tried to tell the FBI and Grey a while back is nothing to what you state today!

You have assumed much I do not agree with. Not the case at all. Facts don't change, people do. I will only speak to law enforcement.

your not going to have much of a choice soon Bob, how long did you think you could throw names around of public figures and not expect legal action?

you have fumbled everything you say all the way down to your own past!

where are the oil pipelines along the Columbia Mr truth?
how could Janet see a man on the stairs of a plane at 10,000 when you yourself put him on the ground before she could see him? anything Mr truth?

I got plenty more Mr truth......need some more that you refuse to answer?

The things you mention have all been gone over with a fine tooth comb by professionals much more versed in cover-up than I could ever be be in uncovering. I'm not an Agent, I'm a witness, selected by McCoy and fed information by McCoy for his protection, should I be needed. They opted not to use me. McCoy told me a lot more about his activities than just Project Norjack. They can not be told. At what point is it OK to tell or not tell? Mac said to go ahead a tell it. "IF you are smart you will figure it out." I really wish he hadn't told me, now. I just don't like hearing the lies I hear about what never did happen. Better not to say anything than to make up lies. Some of this stuff I actually saw and heard myself, other stuff was just told to me by McCoy. All in all, my story exhonorates any criminal activity by any of the people you mention. My take on your comments is that you are just trying to keep the truth quiet. Right?

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