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Oct 14, 2012, 10:47 AM

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what you tried to tell the FBI and Grey a while back is nothing to what you state today!

You have assumed much I do not agree with. Not the case at all. Facts don't change, people do. I will only speak to law enforcement.

your not going to have much of a choice soon Bob, how long did you think you could throw names around of public figures and not expect legal action?

you have fumbled everything you say all the way down to your own past!

where are the oil pipelines along the Columbia Mr truth?
how could Janet see a man on the stairs of a plane at 10,000 when you yourself put him on the ground before she could see him? anything Mr truth?

I got plenty more Mr truth......need some more that you will refuse to answer?

I needed to mow the yard but it's been raining all day, I got time dude!

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