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Oct 14, 2012, 10:29 AM

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Re: [BobKnoss] suits

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you better watch what you say Knoss, people are watching you from the outside!!!! stay away like you have been doing !!!

The PM's are out of hand.

The e-mail came to me, period. No you can not see it, no you can not e-mail the person. If true, I will gladly hep them.
If true, a couple of you will be served.
If true, a third party who has been watching you all in this thread will "win".

It is just a mater of truth. If you told a fable, stretched the truth, or insulted or implicated some one in in e FELONY, you made the mistake and will live with it.

If the e-mail is true.

I for one hope it is.


I have never had intention to harm or implicate anyone, as stated frequently. I am on the side of truth, and not willing to intentionally mis-state facts. As Carr stated, if true there is no case. I know this to be the situation without question. These are a bunch of good guys, not criminals, a catch 22.

Is telling the real truth wrong? I was taught to always tell the truth, it is the best thing to do. Now the truth as a good thing is not a good thing??? HUH?? Explain??

more garble from Bob, you need to go public Bob if you think your story is true! I call it 100% garbage! I gave you an option to go public and you refused! then Lawyers come into play and you disappear?

you are full of crap Bob, period, dot, end! if you are not full of crap! you need to back your statements! which you have always had trouble doing!

none of the names you implicate has had any chance what so ever to speak on there behalf! that is one side Bob!

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