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Oct 14, 2012, 10:10 AM

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Re: [mrshutter45] suits

Came home this morning due to excessive rain up in the Olympics. Besides...both the Seahawks and Felix the Cat (I mean Baumgartner) are doing their thing today. And I'd like to see both of them today.

As far as KC and some of the questions I have seen since I left, I say we just leave that alone. Almost no one here believes any of the evidence or thinks he was the guy. I can accept that. You've all heard what we have on it, so I don't think there's any use in going over it repeatedly. My bottom line on it is that I think the Seattle FBI should do a minor investigation with the witnesses, namely Helen Jones, her daughter, Margaret Miller (formerly Geestman) and Bernie Geestman. By doing this, they could discover reletively quickly whether or not there is anything to the theory that KC might have been the hijacker. To tell you the truth, I don't even care that much anymore.

I'm off to Roswell now. Not literally, of course. Guess he's above 70k feet now. My Nissan ran great on the Forest Service roads, not that anyone cares. Smile

Go Felix. Go Seahawks.

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