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Oct 14, 2012, 9:40 AM

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Re: [BobKnoss] suits

you better watch what you say Knoss, people are watching you from the outside!!!! stay away like you have been doing !!!

The PM's are out of hand.

The e-mail came to me, period. No you can not see it, no you can not e-mail the person. If true, I will gladly hep them.
If true, a couple of you will be served.
If true, a third party who has been watching you all in this thread will "win".

It is just a mater of truth. If you told a fable, stretched the truth, or insulted or implicated some one in in e FELONY, you made the mistake and will live with it.

If the e-mail is true.

I for one hope it is.


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