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Re: [skyjack71] COMPLIANCE!

did they know he was selling Insurance? not every police department or DA's office is going to tattle tale everything against any given subject.

Laws are always a challenge and change from State to State, you could be arrested in Ohio for simple assault and get a fine, you could then
do the same here in Florida and get 90 days in the hole!!

I know people down here who have been arrested in one county and wanted just 50 miles away in another County and they refused extradition.

I was in New Orleans on Burbon street about a year after they changed the drinking laws to 21, the sign read 19 at the entrance to bar, two cops were
standing inside and I asked them about the sign, his reply was "we don't take the liking of that law down here", Miami Hurricanes were playing Alabama in
the Sugar bowl. (very true story)

you need to understand that some things that happened to Duane were not as strange as you think they are!

I just read your post above, as I stated and 99 stated as well, the FBI has multiple sets of Duane's prints, it doesn't matter if they missed 50 of his past arrest records, they had enough prints to verify who he really was...Duane L Weber B- 6/18/24..... D-3/28/95

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