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The arrest is in the system (the only way the arrests get into the system is if the arresting authority forwards the prints and charging info) and I am looking at it right now. On 06/27/1976 Duane was arrested by the Jasksonville (Fl) Sheriff's Office for Carrying Concealed Firearm, Receiving Stolen Property and DWI. JSO case number 76-278392.

If those prints were shared outside of the state - they would have known Weber was a several time felon, but obviously that did NOT happen. Duane did NOT go to jail and he did NOT loose his insurance license. It would have been the Duty of the State of Florida to report to the State of GA (where Weber was living) that they had a felon selling insurance.

Just Saying- Maybe someone miss this!

Ex-con Carrying a concealed Weapon and Receiving Stolen Property plus a DWI - if the State of FL had seen his criminal file he would have done some time - RIGHT!

Evidently his prints WHERE not CROSS CHECKED with the CENTRAL print system - which CARR so flagrantly contested to being in complete compliance in 1971. (It took YRS to make the system to work accurately and for all of the state to become compliant).

As Max used to say 'Gottcha'. There was a real Max in Seattle who used to say that all the time (he was an executive of a large Seattle based Insurance Company). This is how BK gave birth to his Gottcha and his Max.

Good Night!

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