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Oct 13, 2012, 8:52 PM

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Re: [skyjack71] I NEVER SAW ANY REPORTS!

what does this have to do with DB Cooper? you put a lot of blame on everyone Jo, is this fair? they have dozens of his prints! regardless of one they don't, Carr did mention "including his other names"

I'm not trying to be rude but this doesn't make any sense to linking him to Cooper,

"information from a bunch of people posting on a thread!" this is your words and is this not what you are doing as well? very confusing Jo!

"Pros and Cons - but the consensus at that time was the central system was NOT fully function and not all states complied and the system was NOT fully operational. "

"NOT one "authority" could understand HOW Weber got arrested in FL with a record and with a gun in 1976 and it NOT hit the central system of prints. I am the ONE who TOLD the FBI about this incident at a later date. Perhaps they did investigate it at that later date but did NOT tell me what the finding where. "

very confusing Jo

he arrest is in the system (the only way the arrests get into the system is if the arresting authority forwards the prints and charging info) and I am looking at it right now. On 06/27/1976 Duane was arrested by the Jasksonville (Fl) Sheriff's Office for Carrying Concealed Firearm, Receiving Stolen Property and DWI. JSO case number 76-278392.

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