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Re: [mrshutter45] I NEVER SAW ANY REPORTS!


The prints were forwarded to the FBI just like all of the other 26 arrests under his various alias names (prints included)

they then took all of the prints and made a master set, why would the retired FBI agents tell you different and why take there word over active agents?

who exactly told you they used his 1945 prints and what difference would this be?

The FBI AGENT he is referring to was the agent of record in 1992 and 1998 when I got the letter. He told me they USED the prints from McNeil and The PRINTS CARR used are from McNeil. YET, THAT SAME AGENT told me DUANE WEBER was NEVER in McNeil - this was in MARCH OF 2000 - I HAD THE MCNEIL PRISON FILE IN MY HANDS - they obviously thought there was nothing left to be had.

WHY THE HELL do you think I went PUBLIC in 2000! I was told by the FBI Duane was never in McNeil or in the ARMY - I was holding BOTH documents in my hands during that phone call.

The jerk realize he had HUNG himself and said there was someone coming into this office and he would call me later. YEA, they had to figure out what exactly they were going to tell me. A simple woman should not have had access to those file nor have known how to get them. BUT I HAD THEM - and they didn't know I had them!

The phone call was later returned and his explanation was:

1.Duane only PASSED THRU McNeil, but was never a resident there.

2. AS for the ARMY he said they had a NUMBER wrong on the records they had (note 5 yrs after I contacted them and they came to see me). He had insisted the number the AGENT took off of the LETTER Duane wrote from the army base to his mother was one digit wrong. THE FBI had copies of the SAME stuff I did.

Yet, they had errors and dismissed DUANE in 1998 based on their ERRORS. NOTE the date of the yrs. I called them in 1996 and then in 1997 they came to see me and then in 1998 they send a letter dismissing Weber. Yet, in 2000 I prove the FBI records are flawed. The agent calls me and trys to explain away the 2 errors I confronted him with.

HOW many OTHER DAMN errors did they MAKE!

Then CARR comes along and make MORE errors - such as his explanation of the Central Print System. He explained away their mistake with a system that was NOT functional in all states and was far from being completed in 1968 when Duane last served...a mistake that served Duane Weber well.

THE FIRST commit on the FBI site about THE DAN COOPER COMIC - stated and gave credit only to CARR. That was only changed AFTER I contacted the system.

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