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Oct 13, 2012, 8:37 PM

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Re: [skyjack71] I NEVER SAW ANY REPORTS!

YOU want to give CUDOS to an agent who made an ASS out of himself by stating on the FBI Official Page the DAN COOPER Comics where involved and also taking credit for this discovery without ever mentioning he obtained this false information from a bunch of people posting on a thread! It was removed only AFTER I made a complaint to the FBI on it Web site...I TOLD them exactly where this Cooper Comic thing came from - a poster by the name of SNOWMMAN!

THis is the kind of CRAP Carr put out about the case - he was only trying to make himself sound important. The way he handled himself on every clip I saw - was to impress the public -it was ALL about HIM and not about investigating Cooper.
The above are your perceptions; not reality. Agent
Carr and the FBI had every right to publish info
about the Cooper Comic, since it theoretically linked
with the known signatory on the flight ticket: Dan
Cooper, and more.

Everyone including Carr acknowledged Snowmman
who discovered the Cooper Comic.

I thought Larry was very fair with you, both
professionally and personally. I thought your actions
were completely selfish and uncalled for, and
counterproductive to you personally.

This is all old ground and hindsight now, in any

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