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Oct 13, 2012, 7:56 PM

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Jo, You need to get real. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and then go to page 80 on this thread as Mrshutter mentions above.

The post with all the names is Post 1995, as Mrshutter lists in his post above, and then Post 1996 is by you. In addition, you have five more posts on page 80.

The above just confirms that you don't really read or understand or even care what other people post on this thread.

I think you owe the FBI and Carr an apology. You have mis-represented what they have done and tried to apply your own non-existent investigative skills to this matter.


CARR made that sound the way he wanted it to sound. NOTE: he had NO new or additional information regarding WEBER - only what the FBI used 1998 dismissing Duane only on the prints from the McNeil file.
Weber's DNA was not asked for until 2003 and a widow who has remarried - just did NOT carry around a lot of my deceased spouse's stuff. What I had were things I put on a garage sale and where cleaned and handled by other and then probably cleaned again before I put them in the 1995 when Duane died - DNA was the furthest thing from my mind, plus I am a cleaning fanatic.

There was a lot going on between CARR and myself none of you know or care to know what information I was trying to get him to look at that was with new information of WEBER. He ignoring anything were I pointed out the FBI's error is what ired me. I did NOT fight this battle just in what I said on the computer because at that time I was upset by CARR's arrogance and ignorance.


THEY LIED to me and then with NEW things REFUSED to even glance back at DUANE. AFTER their error had been pointed out to them not by me, but by others.

These NEW agents did NOT understand the mechanics of they system in place in 1966 when Duane had his last official encounter - where he was convicted and sent to jail.

NOT one "authority" could understand HOW Weber got arrested in FL with a record and with a gun in 1976 and it NOT hit the central system of prints. I am the ONE who TOLD the FBI about this incident at a later date. Perhaps they did investigate it at that later date but did NOT tell me what the finding where.

Yes, I was tired when I saw Mrsshutters post, but I also realized he did NOT read all of the posts that would later come and I was told Carr was working on something, but it turns out Carr was ONLY promoting himself and had NOT look at one thing I had sent him - expect nothing I told him privately and sent to him ever made it to the file!

YOU want to give CUDOS to an agent who made an ASS out of himself by stating on the FBI Official Page the DAN COOPER Comics where involved and also taking credit for this discovery without ever mentioning he obtained this false information from a bunch of people posting on a thread! It was removed only AFTER I made a complaint to the FBI on it Web site...I TOLD them exactly where this Cooper Comic thing came from - a poster by the name of SNOWMMAN!

THis is the kind of CRAP Carr put out about the case - he was only trying to make himself sound important. The way he handled himself on every clip I saw - was to impress the public -it was ALL about HIM and not about investigating Cooper.

YOU do realize HE CALLED me on his way to a press conference so I would not hear what ever it was on TV for the first time. (Well it did NOT make National New). IF it was an OFFICIAL MESSAGE it should have been handled in the same way as other information was - receipted and/or acknowledge in writing. That is protocol.

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