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Re: [skyjack71] I NEVER SAW ANY REPORTS!

"Where is this REPORT - you indicated it was in the thread - I never saw it! The list of name sounds like they didn't as for the spelling. John Claudian Weber was his brothers name."

Jo, the post's made by Carr were from this thread, pages 80 and beyond.


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Shutter says:
my guess would be that Duane changed the name spelling in order to have other options, my past (long time ago) I would leave out my middle name when I would get pulled over, this was enough to hide who I really was and not show the bench warrants out for me for not having a drivers license, I would get a ticket again, but, throw it away because it was not really me and the address was not mine either so they are chasing a ghost! back then it was pretty easy to fool them! I also used my brothers name because he was squeaky clean, however he was not amused once this was discovered Blush

you must understand after they have done a lot of checking on Duane and coming up with nothing but false names and time in prison and prints and DNA not matching they are not going to dig any further.

you keep reporting that Duane had guns, there is no indication that Cooper was armed! IMHO Duane doesn't fit the profile to this case.

you claim yourself Jo that the prints and DNA might not be Cooper's, so where are we going trying to establish Duane's? I understand how frustrating this must be, but looking from our stand point it makes sense to us more than what you can not see.

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