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Re: [skyjack71] many ID's

keep in mind we are talking about the 70's.

Judges were not as strict as they were today, a DWI was not looked at the same way as today, I'm sure there is a simple reason to all of these charges.

Car explained that they have all 26 arrest records with prints. records can and have been lost or incorrect, even today.

I found a picture you have not posted in a long time of Duane at age 44 in 1968 (see photo) IMHO Duane does not fit the profile. his younger pictures fit the profile, but, not the important ones.

I mentioned this before and found others questioned the same, Duane seems to always have glasses on in 95% of the pictures leading one to believe he always needed them.

If he was selling Insurance as a convicted felon this is hardly the mistake of the FBI and would go unnoticed if the employer didn't do a background check. even today people can slip through the cracks because when a background check is done online they can pay for a certain amount of years back or a full background check, it is very easy not to check the box (yes) on a application for employment asking if you have ever been convicted of a felony, this was the same problem they had with thinking every bank in the world was looking for the 20's the FBI gave Cooper.

"Duane had that resume done in 1979 and it remained in our possession and his possession until I turned it over to the FBI."

1979 to late 1990's how many other people touched this document that is 16 plus years old at the time? prints get smeared.

looking from the outside in I just don't see anything linking Duane to Cooper, you wanted someone to look at this, I have and remain solid on the findings. this is my opinion only and hope you understand Cool

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