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Re: [mrshutter45] I NEVER SAW ANY REPORTS!

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seems Duane had lots of different names as I thought. I found this post from Carr

I'll vouch for the Collins name for Jo, Weber used the following names:

Duane Weber
Duane L Weber
Duane Lorin Weber
Duane Larin Weber
Duane Loren Weber
John Collins
John Chalk Collins
John Claudin Collins
John Claudian Collins

He also used different dates of birth and Socials. Weber was arrested 26 times under the various names provided (arrests that were submitted to the FBI, there could have been more but for minor offenses) starting on 12/22/1942 and ending on 06/27/1976. All 26 arrest would have been processed by the sheriff's department were the arrest occurred or the United States Marshal Service (he committed a few federal crimes). One set of prints would have been maintained by the local arresting authority the other copy sent to the FBI.

When the FBI receives the prints they create a "Master Set" of prints related to each person that prints are submitted for. If there are multiple sets for one person, the techs will use the best prints from each set to make one best Master Set.

The odds that Weber was able to have someone on the inside of the FBI to alter this process is not a reality. Someone suggested comparing all prints taken from Weber (AKA) et al to those recovered from flight 305. All of the prints are at the FBI, or at least the 26 I referenced.

a later post by Carr:

Jo, the arrest is in the system (the only way the arrests get into the system is if the arresting authority forwards the prints and charging info) and I am looking at it right now. On 06/27/1976 Duane was arrested by the Jasksonville (Fl) Sheriff's Office for Carrying Concealed Firearm, Receiving Stolen Property and DWI. JSO case number 76-278392.

The prints were forwarded to the FBI just like all of the other 26 arrests under his various alias names.


I have located the investigative file on Duane which is chalk full of information that i am willing to provide you, I'll start with this:

On July 24 1997 our lab received the hand printed memo you have made mention of, Duane's resume and a set of your fingerprints for elimination.

On 11/06/1998, the lab reported that there were 19 prints of value discovered on the resume, of which 5 were yours. The remaining 14 prints of value were compared to the known prints of Duane Weber with negative results (meaning they didn't belong to Duane). The 14 unknown prints from the resume where compared to the unknown latent prints recovered from flight 305 with negative results. The known prints of Duane Weber where compared to those of the unknown latent prints recovered from flight 305 with negative results.

No prints of comparison value were recovered from the hand printed memo you supplied.

I now have and will keep at my desk the file on Duane. There are over 500 hundred pages in the file; his tax returns, court filings, interviews with relatives, results of the lab tests........ and so on.

If you want more answers to your questions I have them.

500 pages doesn't sound like a "quick botched investigation"

Where is this REPORT - you indicated it was in the thread - I never saw it! The list of name sounds like they didn't as for the spelling. John Claudian Weber was his brothers name.

John had been alienated from his brother for 38 yrs prior to Duane's death. He knew nothing of his brother since 1958 - I have letters from John that attest to this. The sister REFUSED to be interviewed, but I do not know if they finally got to her - she never mentioned it to me. The other wife in GA. - I think they contacted her, but their relationship was very volcanic so I do not know how well that would have gone. There was his friend - who he did NOT meet until after 1973 but who knew Duane well. THere were ex-employers - so that could be part of those they interviewed.

Tommy Gunn, Tony Wong, Ray (I forget the guys last name right now) or some of the others out of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

The truth is Duane only had one friend he was close to and he did not meet him until 1973 and I still keep intouch with he and his wife. The others Duane contacted knew him as John Collins - but the FBI DID NOT INTERVIEW THEM - GOTTA ASK YOUR SELF WHY?

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