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Re: [smokin99] SeaTac

Parking Tickets at the old airports in 1971. These things were small - the size of a movie stub from 1971. About 1 inch deep and probably less than 2 inches long. HOW much printing do you think they could put on that? SEA TAC was a suitable ticket designation to put on the stub. I held this thing in my hand and asked him what SEA TAC was. He did tell me it was the name of a Seattle Airport, but that it was NOT important any more and told me to throw it away.

Because he was acting funny after he went to diaylsis I went back to the shop to retrieve it.
The trash was still there BUT he had retrieved the STUB. I did this because he was acting STRANGE and this was during the wks we separated so he could get his bearing with the kidney machine and AFTER he had done the drivers license thing and was put under observation. It was about 1 wk/10 days before he moved back to the house.

It was also during this time span that - Duane let me know he had been in prison as John Collins. He never offered an explanation as to WHY he needed to obtain the new ID. BUT, I would not know that he did MANAGE to obtain the ID until the found wallet in the VAN was returned to me after I sold it over 5 yrs later after his death.

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