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davelepka  (D 21448)

Oct 12, 2012, 6:35 AM

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Re: [jimmytavino] Trouble in the Sky-van

is there Any reason why the latching procedure can't Also include a secondary ( back up ) method??? such as a Bungee wrapped securely to keep the door UP... if for some reason the "pin" comes free???

While a back up device is a fine idea, a bungee is not the way. There are currently bungees on the door that prevent it from 'crashing' down when it's released. These bungees are loose enough that the door can be lowered all the way to allow for latching closed, but not so long that the door can reach the closed position without some deliberate downward force from an operator.

A simpler alternative would be a 'catch' for the door handle itself. It's a lever type handle that rotates 90 degress open/closed, and if there was a spring loaded catch that would hold the handle in the 'latched' position, it would prevent accidental release of the pins.

Of course that solution does nothing to prevent the pins or mechanism itself from failing, all it would prevent was accidental release of a properly operating and properly used existing latch mechanism. It is, however, a simpler solution because a true 'back up' system that is sperate from the existing latch would need to be able to support the door fully on it's own, and this is no small job.

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