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That same day was when the stub laying on the desk and I ask what that was - It said Sea Tac on it and he told me it used to mean something but didn't anymore and to just throw it away and I threw it in the trash.

I'm curious - would a ticket stub have Sea-Tac on it or simply the airport code "SEA"?
Admittedly I only did a very brief search but I'm seeing a lot more references to "SEA" on images of ticket stubs and the words "Seattle-Tacoma" are more frequently used in news articles of the day as well as in pictures/maps of the layout of the airport. Just wondering if the word Sea Tac would have been on a 1971 ticket stub.

The stub was like a parking ticket or old theater ticket. It was blue or grey. I never understood how it could have been a parking ticket unless he parked a vehicle at the SEA TAC airport or maybe it was a Ticket someone else who was assisting him may have incurred. This has been discussed before and why I think there was someone with him.

This is not the same as the copy of the airline ticket that I saw in 1994 that would later reappear and then disappear again. Long story I will not repeat as this as I have told the story many time in this thread. Use key words and find my multiple post about this subject.

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