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Re: [skyjack71] More YOU GUYS do NOT KNOW!

Feb 26 1990
Hidden safe deposit box opened.
Mar 8 1990
Attempt to obtain a drivers license in Santa Rosa County.
Mar 8, 1990
Drives to Escambia County and obtains the John Collins license with not problem in that county.
Mar 9, 1990
Highway Patrol knocks on my door with his picture explaining what happened in Milton the day before.
Mar 9, 1990
Duane is arrested, but not booked and with the Dr.s intervention placed under 72 hour observation. They returned his gun to him????

If the safe deposit box was open in 90, why would the FBI even know about this??

Duane's biggest hurdle is the fact of him being a career criminal, it would be natural for him to change his name, nobody was looking for him as Cooper so changing his name would be for another reason.

sounds like he was "Baker acted" and if nothing was discovered during his stay, they would release the gun to him as long as everything was legal, but, he was a convicted criminal and should not have owned a gun, but nothing out of the ordinary really. possession of a firearm by a convicted felon carries a 5 years sentence, probably more today.

Duane having a lot of money at times should be obvious since he was a criminal, sadly I just can't see the FBI putting a lot of time into checking 20/30 years before the crime with little information or evidence to keep them looking. I realize you have put a lot of time into this, but I just don't see anything to catch my eye, ya never know though Cool

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