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Oct 11, 2012, 5:36 PM

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Centre College - Danville, Ky

Hey Blevins - how does that go with you. I have the ACTUAL documents?

The Vice Presidential Debate is coming on soon. You guys know I was born and raised not too far from there. I spent 2 terms at Centre, but my parents pulled me out when they retired and moved to Florida.

Actually do NOT know how they are housing the media and candidates. No major airports there and not too many hotels or motels. Been wonder who pulled the debate off being done in

Most of the student population in the 50's was Yankees - Rich kids with high academics and lots of money - but the parents wanted them in a small town enviroment.

I waited tables for my spending money on the Girls Campus which was on the other side of town. Had to catch the bus in my uniform many mornings to make my first class. Needless to say - I was treated like a servant.

Hope you guys actually take the time to read the last 4 posts before this one. Every word is true and I want answers from the FBI regarding their flawed investigation of Weber if I have to go to WA and get arrested in the process.

If they think I am NOT serious - TRY ME! I expect some communications from them and if they do not communicate and provide some answers - well, it is anyones guess what I might do.
I am not going to die without some answers.

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