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Re: [skyjack71] ERROR do not STOP HERE.

Note the Dr. asked if we could live separately for a few wks so Duane could get his bearing and the Travel trailer we had is moved to the shop - lots of trees and he had the electricity to run from the shop and could use the bathroom there if he wanted instead of the travel trailer was a light weight and the largest we could pull with the Astro Van.

March 12 1990 Duane is released from The Pavilion.

Duane brings Symba home because he is missing Sassy.
The truth is he has something to do and Symba would be in the way.

Duane takes the travel trailer to Tallahassee to 4 day flea market, but leaves his friend Jim incharge asking him if he could manage the set up alone approximatey. This was a Thursday and Duane told Jim he would be back by Friday, but it would be Saturday afternoon before Weber returns.

For that same time period an airline ticket appeared on my credit card - one that the card company refused to wipe out - it was ONE way - and I believe it was Omaha, Nebraska. I remember it had be be Omaha, Nebraska or Olahoma City. Finally Duane threw the money on the table and told me to just pay it about 9 months later.

I would NOT link this until 1996. I thought maybe he had bought a homeless person a ticket home, but didn't want to tell me.
BUT, that ticket was HIS. He had cash for one way but not both ways.

Jim would later tell me after I found out who Dan Cooper was about walking into the shop a couple of days after the trip and Duane is counting money on the desk - 100 dollar bills. I asked he was sure and if he was making this up...He was earnest.

He judged it was 50K. He claimed his yrs of law enforcement in AL and owning his own business - he knew what 50K looked like in 100 dollar bills. I told him there was NO money in the safe deposit box, but during those last 5 yrs before Duane Died he took a lot of people out to dinner and that last yr bought a lot of NICE gifts for the nurses, the Dr. and for me and other friends. He would just always tell me the shop had a good week. The shop was closed about a yr before Duane died...but he gave the name of the shop to an woman who used the name and took things on consignment for him. Very little merchandise - moved as far as I could tell.

While Duane had the trailer at the shop in 1990 our anniversay came up and he asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner (sorta of a date). The place he wanted to take me was very expensive and I asked if we could afford it.

This was the same period of time I got in the van to go someplace with him and he was still angry - I knew better than to snoop into his stuff - but I looked into a large Cooler we used as a console. In there was a LARGE white bank BAG and I opened it up - I told Ralph what the bag said. That bag was in pristine condition therefore it was protected.

That same day was when the stub laying on the desk and I ask what that was - It said Sea Tac on it and he told me it used to mean something but didn't anymore and to just throw it away and I threw it in the trash.

This was the same day he showed me a copy of that same magazine article - that he put into the safe deposit box. BUT the book in the safe was a 1994 issue - so they were the same article but different issues. When I first saw that article was 1990.

Stupid me had NO idea what all of this stuff was about.

In March of 1995 he would enter the hospital for the last time and he died on March 28th - one day after our 17th Anniversary.

HOW in the HELL can anyone make this shit up? I am not a writer and my story has never changed!

I do want you guys to seriously analyze the dates of the license and tell me the FBI really checked Weber out!

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