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The FBI claimed Duane was not in McNeil and then later said he only passed thru McNeil;


During 1945 and 1947 the McNeil Island Camp population rose to an all time high of 320 men.

This accounts for the short term commitments and the closing of 2 satelllite camps at KOOSKIA, IDAHO which 1st opened in 1935 and the Dupont Camp which was closed (I do not think the dates on the Dupont camp are accurate) in 1943. If some one knows HOW to check out the dates of the Dupont Camp - please do so.

A camp opened at Columbia, WA in 1944 which remained open until 1948, but since the institution classification commite sent nearly all of the prisoners with a sentence of less than a yr to camp, draft dodgers provided a need that could only be satisfied by a second camp.

The men were HOUSED in TEMPORARY UNITS AS well as a completed dormitory. They were employed in CLEARING LAND, cultivating and CARING for livestock.

In 1948 a SAWMILL was constructed at a McNeil Island Camp with provided additional employment for the expanded population. (prison population)

The closing of the 2 camp, Dupont and Kooskia, resulted in the farm at McNeil Island being designated as an official Federal Prison Camp and a separate institution from the United States Penitentiary.

On the broard was Van D. Hubbard (where have you guys heard that name before). Also R.C. Warren ,

I suggest the FBI re-open the case on WEBER now and with the following post after a little rest I will spell out some MORE things.

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