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Oct 11, 2012, 6:24 AM

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Re: [-SK-] Does your DZ try to guilt you if you have a cutaway?

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Don't get me wrong I love the DZ and the staff is overall a great group of people, but I don't like the situation I feel I have been put in. I feel like I have been taught, whether they intended to or not, that I better not chop a bad main.

So, go back to the DZ and talk to someone about it. Tell the DZO you want to sit with an instructor (or the DZO) to go over 1) whether they really are upset with you, 2) if so, why, 3) if not, explain why you took their comments the way you did. Also, explain that perhaps you made the mistake of not offering to help look for the main (or however that played out), and will be willing to help out if they need it the next time some gear needs retrieving. Finally, ask about some extra instruction for whatever they feel is lacking in your skills (spotting, emergency procedures -- whatever it is).

Maybe by admitting to the things you could have done differently during the whole situation (not the saving-your-own-life part, but any other parts), they'll be more likely to accept that everyone is very fortunate it all turned out to be nothing worse than a learning opportunity.

ETA: BTW, sometimes folks on the DZ get really worried when a young jumper gets into trouble, and it manifests though irritation. On my home DZ, I told the S&TA that he yelled at me once when he thought I was going to land on a car. He said, "I did not! I never yell." We figured out that yes, he did, and it was only because he was worried I could have been hurt. Smile

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