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Oct 11, 2012, 12:11 AM

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Re: [georger] Geestman vs Blevins ...

You are splitting hairs and using word games. Geestman knew why he was being interviewed. He knew History Channel had already caught him lying twice, and then trying to manipulate his sister over the phone.

He just didn't know that he had already been put together with KC the week of the hijacking. Unfortunately, neither did anyone who was at the shoot in Puyallup. Only Pete Berg and I discussed the tesimony by Helen Jones, and Berg was working the Bonney Lake Library shoot that day. This was the morning Jones drove up to the Bonney Lake Library looking for me.

This is also the only part where everyone, including me, dropped the ball on Decoded. I should have insisted they ask Bernie Geestman about Jones' and his ex's testimony that he was WITH Christiansen over the time of the hijacking. And that they should have slammed that question to him the very moment he said Kenny could have been the guy. Failure=YES.

This is why I've said the Seattle FBI should ask him this question, and interview Jones and her daughter.

It was a tough week at the office, as the saying goes. First, a weekend interviewing Jones and her daughter, then a drive up to Twisp to do the final interview with Margie Geestman, (500 miles and two mountain passes each way) and then showing up a final shoot in Bonney Lake.

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