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ChrisL  (C 35323)

Oct 10, 2012, 9:15 PM

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Re: [councilman24] B-17 jump :)

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Fourteen on board and we couldn't fill the bomb bay!Crazy Some of the guys actually DIDN'T WANT to go out the bomb bay.

Now thats just messed up. Didnt want to exit the bomb bay? It was tricky getting down in there cuz it was so dark but I cant imagine wanting exit any other way. it was a total blast.

Clouds came in but they were above 5500, so we got about 5200 ft.

Two passes, I was on second pass and got video of the whole last 15 minutes.

Most fun I've had in a LONG time :) and its $450 now but was worth every penny!

Some of its kinda boring, some of its kinda dark (in the bomb bay before the doors open) but here it is..

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