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Oct 10, 2012, 4:08 AM

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Re: [-SK-] Does your DZ try to guilt you if you have a cutaway?

The DZO/CI of the DZ I've always jumped had a chapter in the first jump course called mistake I & mistake II

Mistake I

You think you have a mal but you dont, and you chop...

That is a sucky day for the DZO. You might lose your handles, we have to find the main and freebag (or worst case - its lost), and some tourist might call an ambulance because of the cutaway main... not good publicity

Then DZo has to use two hours of his time to repack that stuff.


Mistake II

You do have a problem but you dont chop for sake of the DZO not having to do all that work...

Your under a spinning main and hit the ground hard... Dzo has to call an ambulance, or worst case lifeflight... the paramedics cuts the mainlift webbing to aid you in your critical condition. DZO has to call your family, and then get someone to get your car and other stuff from the DZ to the hospital or your house. The following day a bunch of journalist call the DZO, and he has to explain to them what happend and maybe even why you didn't chop like you where trained, spending hours on end on the phone.

Then a half year later, your employer and his smartass layer will send the DZO a letter telling him to pay something like a million or so because your now disabled and he didnt train you correctly...

All in all you see why the DZO will prefer mistake I.

OTH. What the DZO did do if someone chopped because "they kept pulling their toggles and the slider wouldnt go UP" (yes there has been a chop because of that Laugh) is have a conversation about their future in this sport.

Chopping can be expansive. Where I used to jump - with the right wind your cutaway main can be blown out to sea... well good luck finding the main then...

If you're a Dzo and rent out gear, you probably know the risks involved (better then the people you rent the gear to). If you dont want people losing the main sabotage the cutaway Tongue, or better yet charge more for the rental to cover cost.... The risk of losing gear in a chop is all in the game of running a DZ.

Helping to find gear that you chopped is the least you can do... also buy a case of beer for the chop and a bottle of the riggers favorite for the save... (at my DZ that would have been the DZO Wink)

My 2 cents.

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