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Oct 9, 2012, 1:40 PM

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Re: [hillson] Another Vigil 2 problem?

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Unit has a mfg date of Dec 11, jumper has had it for about 6 months (guesstimate). Unit not subject to any updates / service bulletin fixes (incl the LCD 2.20 issue). Confirmed by mfg date and serial - rigger doublechecked on the spot. Unit currently being shipped back for "checking" etc.

FWIW, the head could have a different software than the unit serial number is linked to. Unlikely, but still very much possible.

I had my Vigil 2 from around that same time frame (I'd have to look at my riggers log book to verify dates) that was effected by the LCD 2.20 software and it was the last jump of my AFF pre-course when it "Hello"ed me! Unimpressed

I'm not saying it is the issue, but it is a possibility that a control unit got 'swapped'.

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