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Oct 9, 2012, 11:35 AM

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Re: [DocPop] Dislocated shoulder

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Strictly speaking, there are no ligaments holding the shoulder in place...

What about these:

Ligaments of the AC joint: Capsular; superior and inferior acromioclavicular; articular disk; coracoclavicular (trapezoid and conoid)
Ligaments of the Sternoclavicular joint: Capsular; anterior and posterior sternoclavicular; inter- and costo- clavicular; articular disk
Ligaments of the GH joint: Capsular; coracohumeral; glenohumeral; transverse humeral; glenoid of humerus

Are they just for decoration? Wink

I was thinking of the stabilization of the humeral head at the highly mobile glenohumeral joint. The capsular ligaments are integral parts of the joint capsule which must allow for the great freedom of movement that the shoulder has. These can be torn when there is a dislocation. The others mentioned are certainly part of the shoulder girdle and are less compliant and more like the ligaments of other joints.

My apologies and thanks for pointing out my lack of precision.


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