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Oct 8, 2012, 11:21 PM

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Re: [Farflung] Saving A Buck And Looking Like A Deer In Headlights

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What the buck? I checked the reviews on the Motel Puyallup, where Bernie was tormented, and discovered that the limits of being cheap, truly knows no bounds. He wasn’t trying to lie, he was likely in the primary stages of anaphylactic shock. Bernie was probably forced to sit in a fourth generation chair, which had been thoroughly covered with male protein stains and a myriad of, yet to be identified, secretions from the several thousand previous, big sweaty, beer drinking and farting, truck drivers who waylaid a couple local strumpets in enchanting Puyallup.

Moldy peanuts, druggies and shouting matches are but a few of the delights awaiting a weary traveler. That and the heat of a camera’s light focused on the pitiful figure of an old man outnumbered by five to one. I guess if your goal is humiliation and belittlement, then a crack whore infested motif, matters little. Bernie is the most senior of senior citizens and you may not agree with him, but there’s no reason to pick on him as he may be someone’s grandfather. Another one came home to roost on you didn’t it? There’s a sound reason some struggle with thinking downstream when they shout something from the highest hilltop. It is why you appear to view things in a vacuum (Marla’s mother won’t back up her story so it is false/ Lyle won’t back up Kenny’s story so it is irrelevant), (It’s not YOUR job to check out what Lyle said on the radio/ It IS YOUR job to check out what Marla’s brother said) and select the version which compliments that moment. Then comes another day and you are in full contradiction mode and quibbling on every point. It is repetitive, just like the 40 plus times you screamed how Bernie (an 80 plus year old man) is a liar and crook.

For RobertMBlevins to constantly gloat about what ‘he’ did to Bernie is disturbing. Is there concern for Bernie’s treatment and his advanced years? Of course not, so strange for someone with ‘manners’ (read: not).

You assume a lot for someone who was not there, and did not participate in the interview. I received a detailed report about it from the producers, and spoke to the film crew. They were VERY nice to Bernie, as a matter of fact. I may check with Marisa Kagan to see if he was paid their standard $2,500 to amount he was offered, plus a chauffeur for a trip of 115 miles each way, which he declined. Since Bernie sent flowers and a teddy bear to one of the producers down in LA afterward, I would say he was happy with the way they treated him. I wonder if he told his live-in girlfriend about that...

As far as Marla and her family, it wasn't just her brother who didn't back her story. Same thing with mother and sister, and they were in attendance as well. Unless you are saying you actually BELIEVE her story, and if should go on the record with that and say why.

Lyle's radio interview: Asked and answered. At least you could come up with something NEW. It doesn't matter in the slightest bit whether Lyle ever said he didn't think his brother was the hijacker. He was living halfway across the country and to my best recollection, Kenny never told him he was the hijacker. So, excuse me...but HOW EXACTLY would Lyle know the truth one way or another? You've dodged that question more than a few times because it's convenient. And what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If Lyle had said he DID think his brother was the hijacker, does that make it true? And would you now be saying that this proves Kenny was the hijacker? LOL. I think not.

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