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Re: [skyjack71] FIRST RESPONSES

My first RESPONSE upon understanding what my husband told me in the hospital in March of 1995 was to pick up the phone regardless of the time of day or night and CALL THE FBI. Note Duane told me 'I'm Dan Coooper in March of 1995, but I did NOT know who Dan Coooper was until May of 1996.

I remember that night like it was yesterday. It was late evening and I decide to read. I usually fell asleep with a book in my hands in bed...with the lights on.
Well, you know the rest or the story - needless to say I did NOT sleep that night until I was totally emotionally exhausted.

Perhaps this is what MAKES Duane's story or Jo's story (as some like to call it) have more validity. Yet, the FBI has made more mistakes than Carters' got farter starters. Sure later (much later) I did entertain the idea of a book and movie - BUT in the long run I made the decisions.

Book - I told the story before - I canceled my "arrangement" with the writer after 3 pages of NON truths. The writers have to show sensationalism regardless of what the truths might be. This would not be until I went public in 2000.

The only other thing I have consider was the option thing regarding a movie - again this was not until after 2000. I did take measrures to protect my legal rights.

There were several others who contacted me, but the 2 above are the only ones I actually went into any detail with. There was one JT claimed I asked to do a book - but I have the original emails from my contact with her and they do NOT say ONE thing about wanting her to do a book.
I was simply contacting her out of respect for a very dear friend of mine who contacted her on my behalf.

Somehow she mistook the communication as my wanting her to do a book. I was QUICK to let her know I did not think a WOMAN would be who I would want to do the book if I ever allowed one to be done and I wanted to see what the FBI was going to do. I felt that until the FBI acknowledged Duane was Cooper that there was no story. Yet, I knew I needed to make some kind of preparation "just encase".

The vultures were circling....yet, I kept holding out. Then in 2007 along comes Blevins with Christansen and the Marla with DL. I am glad I held out and continued to fight my battle with research and the help of this thread.

All of that was right after I went public - until then the only communications I had were with friends and family and the FBI (active and retired)and JT and Doug Pasternak as he was the pivitol that helped me go public and question the investigation of the FBI. I had made contacts trying to get help with the investigation - and sometimes that led to unwanted contacts which I quickly dismissed or checked out.

The FBI sent me a letter in 1998, but I preservered and kept calling them and finding family members and when the FBI flagrantly lied to me on the phone in March of 2000 - that did it and I went public.

Five (5) yrs after I contacted the FBI I finally went public. Blevins, Porteous, Gray and Marla - couldn't get wait for the FBI to run with their STORY and that is why their STORY is just that - A STORY!

Have I accomplished my GOAL?
You THINK? I expect all of you will have opinions about that, but don't get too complacent or you might get caught with your drawers down or is this just the same old repeat we see and hear every yr about this time.

NOW, 377 - that is a REAL TEASE!
You guys have come to expect the TEASES with the fall of the first leaves each yr - haven't you?

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