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Oct 8, 2012, 9:36 PM

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It’s pretty obvious that Bernie was thoroughly abused on that pathetic TV program.

Has Bernie been sent any sort of apology, fruit bowl or meat basket? Or has this been ‘forgotten’ just like the long overdue apology to Bruce Smith and Bill Rataczak, who were used a foils in some story about Captain Scott talking to DB Cooper? Just another form of abuse where a person views themselves as centric to every situation with an inflated sensitivity about other’s transgressions, real or typically imagined.

What causes such full blown psychosis?

Bernie Geestman ............Yada yada........ truth.

Read it again. I think you missed them Main point of the post.

I will not attach a picture to explain, because I have boundaries (sometimes).

If I could understand the question, I would attempt to answer. There isn't anything in Blast about Scott speaking to the hijacker. And I certainly don't owe Bruce Smith an apology. He called my house for an interview, saying it was for a newspaper or something. Instead, it appeared on Dropzone, and he was real angry I wouldn't provide the true names of the witnesses at that time. Bill Rataczak was interviewed, sure. That mistaken Scott reference was in the first edition, which was pulled before less than 30 copies sold. Only edition for sale has been up for almost two years now. Old news.

Bernie Geestman was treated very well by History Channel. He doesn't deserve a fruit basket, that's for sure.

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