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Re: Geestman & Lyle &Weber

Lyle was watching a program on TV called Unsolved Mysteries regarding Cooper when he decided his brother might be Cooper. He formed this opinion on that night watching that program. Lyle did NOT attempt to contact the FBI, but instead wrote a letter to a movie producer. Supposedly she didn't get the letter and it ended up on Porteous's desk.

Robt, you cannot make that go away. Porteous had already shared his information with Gray who wrote an article before any investigation could be done. I do not remember the sequence - perhaps Porteous contacted the FBI - I spoke with the individuals regarding Lyle and felt NO threat and continued as usual - regarding Weber.

What IS WRONG about the complete scenario is that Lyle contacted a movie producer 1st and NOT the FBI! He was "watching an Unsolved Mysteries program about Cooper" (THESE ARE LYLE'S WORDS)"and decide Kenney could be Cooper". He knew little about his own brother and the Cooper case.... he "just thought it would make a good story".

After Gray does the article the man just went along for the ride not realizing he could taint the story for any REAL Cooper suspects.

In so far as Geestman goes it is very much the same scenario played out with Lyle. These old geezers were playing around with this - and it just got out of hand!

When journalist and writers start contacting them - they had to save face. I appreciate how Geestman stood down. He tried to let the others know the position they were putting themselves in - but, they were already dealing with "their" celebrity status. Talk to Geestman and record his conversation - NO one seems to know how to make telephone connections with Geestman. What would he tell the caller? Perhaps just what I stated above!

I differ from the other individuals who have come forward - 1st thing I did was CALL the FBI. Surely the person I talked to remembers the conversation. Wanted to know if I was drinking or taking drugs - prescription or non prescription! Yes, I did have 2 glasses of wine, but only after I contacted the FBI with that first phone call. Then several pages over into the book - I am calling them again - it was ALL there. This was my awakening - Duane had told me - he was Dan Cooooper, 14 months before I ever picked up that damn book and by page 13 or 14 was on the phone to the FBI.

My first gut reaction was to call the FBI - not a publisher or movie producer! THIS is a NORMAL reaction for a law abiding citizen!

SmileIf my information is accurate Marla was already working on a book BEFORE she contacted law enforcement !

If all of the above is correct - why was their re-action NOT the same as mine?Surely the FBI made tapes a tape of these conversations - anyone who would listen to them would know there was a very distraught woman on the other end and not some person looking for a book, movie or attention. What I had just realize about my deceased husband defied all that I stood for - You Do the Crime - You Do the Time!

Because what I told the FBI was NOT fabricated or being done for profit or because it might make a good story - it was a NATURAL response for me to pick-up the phone and call the FBI. I knew nothing about Cooper except what I was reading in that book.

I didn't even wait to get past the first few pages. The FBI put me down, but I continued to read - and then was BACK on the phone - pleading with them to listen to what I was saying! Everything I knew about Duane suddenly made sense!

Duane had been dead for 14 months, I had started a new career and was being sought out by eligible men in our area.
I was never a person to seek fame or position - I was just happy being loved and being a good wife....I had the house and his insurance - so I was not doing without. My life was looking good and I was still young.

Damn Duane - Damn HIM! I loved him and will always remember his touch and his smile and how he knew just how to handle my temper, but his confession stole the next 17 yrs of my life fighting to finish his story.

JO WEBER did NOT approach this thing the way others did - she let her heart lead her and she let her memories guide her. For that I have spent 17 ys in a prison called HELL!

He was my husband of 17 yrs, He had told me about his life in 3rd person...and I had NO idea what he was talking about in 1995.

In the yrs since I contacted the FBI and learned more about his past with the FBI turning a deaf ear and wearing blinders. I feel I failed Duane. I am angry at him and more angry at the FBI...regarding how they approached the case.

Weber was a prime suspect and I should have been more pro-active and have done what Blevins and Marla did - but I was never one to make a public fool out of I chose to continue my battle by learning more about the crime and jumping - WHY I came to DZ several yrs ago!

WHY DID HE HAVE TO TELL ME he was Cooper.? Why didnt he just keep his damn secret and let if be.

News Articles Today might explain WHY he could NOT tell anyone:

Suggested Reading:

Crimes by ATF, DEA informants not tracked
Article by Brad Heath and Kevin Johnson for USA Today.

SmileMaybe, just Maybe Bob Knoss was NOT so crazy after all! His mind fabricated 99.99% of what he has claimed, but what if there is that one hundredth of one percent possibility that he was aware of "something" he should not have known or remembered?

UnsureCan't believe I just said that. Geeze, I must be feeling pretty desperate!

FrownI KNOW! That statement above even provides Bruce's theory about a secret Mind Control group some credence. I can never remember the name of the group, but all of you know what I speak of.

Yrs ago I spoke with a man who worked with the government - he told me there was things he could NOT tell me. This man was a very very respected individual and very very high ranking - even I will not reveal his name to anyone. Will not and never have so don't ask - but, he did and does exist.

The article in part below gave me hope that someone was actually working trying to balance the scales of justice. The subject of my conversation with this man is reflected by the ARTICLE in our local paper which was provided by USA TODAY:

"There has to be some new accountability." said Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass, who intorduced a bill last year to force federal enforcement agencies to tell Congress about crimes by their informants.
End Quote

(The rules do not require the agencies to tally how often their agents authorize "other-wise illegal actiavity." or what crimes they permit").
End Quote

Secrets - I am so tired of SECRETS! I am tired of going up against the walls of silence within the FBI. Perhaps the WALL are much higher than the FBI walls. You THINK!

At this point - I could easily fall into the covert theory that has been put out to me by MORE than BK. BUT, I have always believed that if there are more than 2 people involved in a secret is NOT a secret!

How many secrets have you guys kept?

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