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It’s pretty obvious that Bernie was thoroughly abused on that pathetic TV program.

Has Bernie been sent any sort of apology, fruit bowl or meat basket? Or has this been ‘forgotten’ just like the long overdue apology to Bruce Smith and Bill Rataczak, who were used a foils in some story about Captain Scott talking to DB Cooper? Just another form of abuse where a person views themselves as centric to every situation with an inflated sensitivity about other’s transgressions, real or typically imagined.

What causes such full blown psychosis?

Bernie Geestman was busted cold in one big lie, and then called his sister Dawn after History Channel called him. He told Dawn she should take back everything she said in her interview for Blast. She refused to do so.

The lie he told was that he hardly knew Kenny Christiansen. History Channel sent him twenty pictures of he and Christiansen together. They called Dawn and found out about his phone call, and confronted him about it. He agreed to appear on the show, even volunteering to drive down on his own. (They were willing to provide a chauffered car to take him from his home in Port Angeles, WA to Puyallup and back.)

In fact, everyone was very polite to him during the entire process. They even offered him money. I don't know if he accepted it or not.

He became fixated a bit on production assistant Marisa Kagan, sending her flowers and a teddy bear, which she found kind of strange since she never met him personally.

Once he got to the motel for filming, he suddenly didn't like the questions. They asked him things like this:

Where were you the week of the hijacking? Response: No answer. He just sat there and looked at them.

Did you buy an Airstream trailer and station wagon and park them down in Oakville shortly before the hijacking? No answer.

It was like that for at least two hours. He would just Sit There Like a Stone. The whole crew thought he was an animal trapped with no place to go. He probably had not realized that people knew the questions to ask. His simple denials were not working with them. They asked about the loan to Dawn, no answer. The house, no answer.

Finally, he just calls me a liar, said I made the whole thing up basically. But then amazingly...he says Kenny could be the hijacker. When he didn't 'crack' and start telling the truth about things, Decoded had to take the fallback position recommended by their legal department weeks beforehand: They could not speculate that Bernie could have been involved. Without a confession, there just wasn't enough to say he was involved. So they didn't.

Later, Marisa Kagan and some members of the film crew told me they knew Bernie was probably hiding his involvement, and that it was too bad he wouldn't come clean about it. The main camera guy was also a sheriff's deputy in the Los Angeles area (part-time only now), and had worked for Ice Road Truckers. He was the one who takes the shots from UNDER the ice. He said his gut feeling was that Bernie was involved in the hijacking. It was the same thing with cast members Scott Rolle (a former state prosecutor) and Buddy Levy. Christine McKinley wasn't so sure.

It's the same old story. Bernie's lies have been proven. His involvement, and the guilt of KC have not. Maybe no one will ever discover the truth.

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