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Oct 8, 2012, 9:31 AM

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Re: [NSEMN8R] Should WE demand "standardized wingsuit training via USPA"

Why not just make a little booklet out of it and have the Group Member dropzones make everyone that's flying a wingsuit sign a statement saying that they've reviewed and understand the material?

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As in - someone who's never jumped a wingsuit can 'read a booklet, sign a paper and jump'?Wink

Might not be the best idea for anyone concerned.

I had some interesting discussions yesterday, several people I talked with seemed to be under the false impression that the program was set up to address the insurance tail-strike thing, and was aimed a experienced birdmen who've become complacent or weren't trained properly.

It's really not that.

It's a FIRST jump course type of thing for wingsuits, it teaches hands on, taking the 'student' through all of the steps in a logical manner.

The program allows for the supervised dissemination of pertinent information & the demonstration of critical basic skills.

Necessary beginner performance criteria & practical safety standards are in general what this thing addresses ~ basic survival skills taught & evaluated by a knowledgeable & experienced 'instructor'.

A few people I conversed with Sunday didn't understand much of anything 'factually' speaking and were quoting things to some extent that were post on this site by OTHER people who probably don't actually understand the scope & focus.

I encourage anyone interested in the facts to take a look at the link below, it does a lot as far as explaining the what & why of the program... and base your opinion regarding the program's implementation on your personal - knowledgeable - thought out opinion and not the emotional hype from either corner.

If you are going to vote, know what you're really voting on.

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