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Oct 8, 2012, 9:11 AM

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Re: [ZigZagMarquis] Chicks Rock 2012 - Skydive Elsinore

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Bunch of stuff stolen; Twin Otter vandalized. A good time, eh? Unsure

Sorry to sound so negative, but having a few friends lose their stuff, and our plane messed up with pisses me off.


That sucks doesn't begin to say it all.

How badly was the Otter damaged?

Have reports been made to the police?

Badly. Plane currently grounded badly. Federal offense badly. Rewards being offered by the DZOs for any info badly. Everyone at the DZ this weekend was equally pissed off and sure as hell hoping it wasn't "one of us."

And yes, the FAA, the police, all the relevant folks are involved with the Otter damage (I don't actually know re: the stolen gear, but I certainly hope they've reported it to the police as well).

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