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Oct 8, 2012, 6:58 AM

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Re: [georger] Discovery Channel crashes 727 in 'season premiere


Discovery had a program on tonight:
"Discovery Channel crashes 727 in 'Curiosity' season


The program on the Discovery Channel was very interesting for us on the DropZone as the crew and pilot jumped out the back of the 727 just like DB Cooper. It is a myth buster in that they all just dove aft through the opening and into a stable position (belly down and arms and legs extended) and did it from about 5 steps down the airstair (the lower moving part of the airstair was removed from the hinge point and down). They were facing aft and were stable right away, no tumble, dis-orientation, or excessive slip stream beating. They seemed to delay pulling their rip cords about 10 seconds. It made the jump that DB did look very easy except it was not at night or raining.

The crash of the 727 was interesting as it looked to me like the forward section of the body of the airplane broke loose at about the attach point for the 41 section (41 section is the first 410 inches of the of the body - 34+ feet - Yes Boeing planes are designed in inches point XXX - not in feet). That nose separation was caused by the nose gear down and getting stuck in the sand and causing the nose to dive down and snap loose. The nose could have survived better if the nose gear were up and would have been better for the pilot, co-pilot etc

The decelerations measured 12 g's in the first class section and only 6 g's in the aft tail seating. Again showing it is safer to be in the aft seating in a crash.

Bob Sailshaw

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