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Oct 7, 2012, 11:26 PM

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Re: [Farflung] Discovery Channel crashes 727 in 'season premiere

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Does he get any dignity or peace in his twilight years? He so richly deserves this small courtesy since he is in his mid eighties. Does anyone care besides me?

I’m probably going to have a sleepless night after reviewing all this raw, naked and unprovoked savagery unloosed on a frail, kind and to be respected man. Well, at least we know what an invertebrate would probably type, if they had thumbs, and a neuromuscular system capable of such a task. But they don’t, so we’ll just have to settle for this painful parade, of hostile epithets, mercilessly lobbed at a person who may struggle with digesting tapioca, let alone his own ass handed to him on an electronic plate.

Bernie wasn’t abused by anyone’s hand, he was defiled by their being, which is inescapable. For the hours and hours that Bernie was kept in a sleazy, pay by the hour motel, which reeked of cheap booze and anonymous coitus, was he allowed to relieve himself? I notice that he is still wearing a jacket when he finally cracks, on that TV show masquerading as some sort of history program. I’m sure that if they kept him in there any longer than three hours, it may well have turned into some sort of ‘snuff’ flick. It was real nice of the crew to take Bernie to the restaurant in the parking lot after his inquisition. Did they even offer some time to nap in the motel before he began a several hours drive home? Cretins.

Discovery had a program on tonight:
"Discovery Channel crashes 727 in 'Curiosity' season
premiere". shows/curiosity/topics/plane-crash-pictures.htm

It was a controled crash in order to measure
destructive effects inside an airliner. The crew bailed
out in tandem at about 160 km/h using the rear
stairs,several minutes prior to impact. I noticed the
bailouts were all face forward, with one pair and the
pilot (an experienced skydiver) leaping half way
down the stairs ... the stairs were fully out and down
during all of the tests and final jumps ...worth a
watch. None of these people backed down the stairs
to exit.

These were all experienced skydivers.

Plenty of pics and stories on the net - just Google.

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