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Oct 7, 2012, 9:32 PM

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Georger says (somewhat edited for length):

'First, "How do I it? I'm either out and about ..." you
say. That's distinctly British grammer, is it not? I
didnt know you were British in the early morning
hours. I knew Adventire Book's Geoff Nelder and
Gayla Prociv were. Are you a trans ... or cross ....
overer, who has taken on a British accent and
grammer? Ive noticed this same affect in some of
your posts before, but just thought you must be
posting/visiting Liverpool ?'

Gayla isn't a Brit. Neither am I. Although I have wished I WAS from Liverpool so I could have seen the Beatles at the Cavern Club. And your question (does anyone else use my DZ account to post) has been asked and answered. How about this: NO. Ever met a Brit with a name like Prociv? She's from California, LOL. Miss Vista 1978, since you're asking. (And's cool to be hooked up with a former beauty queen even if she got that crown many years ago...)

Now, you continually bring up/criticise and mock my 5428 posts here at Dropzone, claiming something is wrong and a sign of my corruption and embecility vs. your highly refined hi-quality 2236 posts. Its like something one might here on Hannity, ie "Through the lens of a Reactionary"!

Your possible corruption and imbecility are strictly your business.

Arent you just harrassing me and saying this for affect, without anmy basis in fact for your claims?
Isnt that what trolls do?

No one's harrassing you. If you've been called out occasionally, you probably deserved it.

Applying a little arith-ma-tik, it turns out YOU have almost 3 posts per day in the mere two years you have been here, while I have only 2.2 posts/day in 5 years I have been here!

3.1 versus 2.2 posts per day (Blevins vs. Georger).
Blevins has half the total posts I have and has only
been here a scant two years!

Really? I wasn't keeping track. How long did you spend figuring that out? Did you use paper and pencil, or just your computer calculator. (*laughs*)

Moreover, Blevins makes no accounting for quality of posts or words per post,or posts per day in a period! Or repitiions of posts in one day... and fails to provide any metrics from which to judge his
absurd statement(s). Blevins always leave out the
math vs just throwing claims around... !

I see you are no longer addressing me, but someone else with that. Couldn't really figure it out, so you should ask 'them'. I actually thought some of the posts I make are good. Especially anything with Creedence attached to it. Have you been drinking today by any chance? You don't have to answer that.

So once again, RobertMBlevins turns out to be a - transtruth teller.

Just do the math!

Blevins you belong on FOX with Hannity.

Hannity? Now that REALLY hurts. I've been a registered Dem my entire voting life. You should do stand-up. You are certainly funny sometimes.

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