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Oct 7, 2012, 7:47 PM

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Should WE demand "standardized wingsuit training via USPA"

This threads' title was obviously taken 'almost' directly from Robin Heid's thread regarding an aircraft insurer and his concern with tail-strikes.

I've received some calls & emails today that point to confusion that may be going on, and I'd like to address that away from the noise.

To be clear ~
The proposed standardized wing-suit training program was NOT designed to address specifically or generally, any concerns an aircraft insurer may have voiced.

It's a program that has been in the works for a considerable amount of time with assistance, input and feedback from many sources within the general membership as well as the BOD.

It's not one persons 'pet project' and reference to it in that manner is a disservice to others who have devoted considerable time & energy toward assembling what many believe to be a needed & useful tool.

A complete package that takes the logical step of standardizing the overall training of tested & approved practical practices & procedures particular to that discipline.

So although it DOES indeed address the exiting of aircraft safely with an eye toward totally eliminating tail-strikes, that is only one small part of it.

And again to be clear...satisfying an insurance company's vague recommendation wasn't the catalyst for any part of the program.

The program's ONLY intent is to monitor who will be teaching what to whom and when.

Some against this proposed system of training, tend to throw out the term 'regulate' portraying an obviously negative connotation since we've all pretty much been conditioned to perceive 'any' regulation as harmful to our sport.

I along with others contend that a uniformly structured system of instruction, which again, addresses 'all' specific skills beginning bird-men need to initially have will serve to grow that area of the sport and allow it to prosper quickly and safely

Critical skills not covered to any degree outside of that discipline.

And without USPA involvement there's no practical way of guaranteeing a minimal set of standards are met.

The good faith recommendations not withstanding, the current and projected rapid growth of this secular branch of the sport can benefit tremendously from focused guidance a standardized approach offers.

There's also a bit of a secondary benefit for the rest of the general membership not involved with wing-suits in that tail-strikes & airspace infringements have put us on the radar with both the insurance underwriter and the Feds.

Will standardized instruction effectively serve to eliminate those red-flags?

If it's done right it can, and through positive support I believe it will. . . IMO it can not be objectively argued that what's being done now, is nearly enough.

To quickly recap~

Doesn't matter what an insurance company not at all familiar with the total instructional program might 'demand' OR 'not demand' with regard to implementation of ~ "Standardized wing-suit training via the USPA".

**And how 'bout in the interest peaceful weekend coexistence with my honey~ address questions, comments & complaints on here...I'm gettin' the dreaded 'buffalo look' for being on the phone so much today! AngelicWinkCool

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