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Oct 7, 2012, 5:30 PM

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Re: [nigel99] "Closing Thoughts" video by Brian Germain

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I invite you all to watch this new video regarding bridle routing that may change the way you pack.


Can you still check the kill line window? I don't currently have the window, but next week a rigger is putting one in for me.
If you can't check the window, then wouldn't Kevlar reinforcement be a 'safer' way to go? I know we are all supposed to cock our pilot chutes, but losing the ability to double check would bother me.

The "window" is really not as important as we are led to believe when we are students. If you pack the pilotchute in the manner described in my video "The Secret to Pilotchute Packing", you will always have a cocked pilotchute. It is physically impossible to pack this way if the pilotchute has not been cocked. How cool is that?!

Pilotchute packing video:

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