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Oct 7, 2012, 1:07 PM

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Re: [TheDoctor2608] Gopro-make it safer

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But i really feel uncomfortable with this camera on my head. The big screw and the edges of the case just seem to be very unsafe. I mounted it with the curved adhensive mounts, because i hope that if a line gets stuck somewhere in the camera, the camera will be pulled off.

-if you don't feel comfortable with it, take it off.

-the "easy way of mounting" such a camera, has 2 advantages : it is provided, and it is easily mounted. It also has downsides : it is a line trap. Make your choice comrade.

-it will not be pulled off easily. Check, some tests have been done and documented. The plastic mount should break before the glue.

-mount a cutaway system on your helmet too.

-never forget that you have a camera on your head.

oh yeah, also welcome to the forums Smile
just a little lower there is a "camera" forum where you can also find great info. Be sure to read the "sticky" by moderator DSE about "small cameras".

Have fun and stay safe

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