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Oct 6, 2012, 8:19 PM

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Re: [377] Peterson in Nepal


Flame away. I have a Nomex jumpsuit.

Talked to two people today. One a former Peace
Corps Manager who spent time in India, Nepal, and
Tibet beginning in '63 through the 80s.. He gave me
several leads to call ..

He says there was only one main road to Pokhara
well into the 70s.. from Kathmandu, a bus traveled
that road, then only foot paths into and out of the
Annapurna area, the main foot trail connected to
Pokhara. No vehicular roads into the Annapurna area
at all. He says the socalled hospital at Pokhara
consisted of several (cold) WWII metal quonsets
so it made sense to take the bus to Kathmandu for
any major medical issues.

He says the whole period of the late sixties to mid
seventies was a busy time in this area, with lots of
tourists (including the Beatles) coming there to trek
to the Annapurna area. Thousands of tourists, he
says. He says a European or American would not
have been noticed except if one took residence and
was there a year or more.

He says there were several Peace Corps volunteers
living in the Annapurna area from about 1968-71
who might have known of Petey if he lived there.
He's going to check reunion lists to see if they can
be located..

He says not to worry too much about the term "mud
hut" because all construction in this region has stone
and earth in one form or another, as an "adobe"
form of construction. He says some people just pile
up stones and then glob wet 'earth' around the
stones, let that dry and set, and then build up
another layer with a thatch roof. Once dry they
usually white-coat everything with a kind of clay
plaster which is trowled on with a board. So maybe
those comments add further clarification.

He is going to try and contact a few people tomorrow
and get back to me - I explained to him what this is

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